Our Intervention Framework is now available to download here https://www.smartupproject.eu/intervention-framework/.

It is comprehensive document that shares up-to-date knowledge on Early Warning Signals of business crisis, presents detection and intervention opportunities, and makes a clear case for their beneficial application to SME leadership and overall business resilience.

It is the first step and basis for the Curriculum and Online Modules that are being developed within the SmartUp Project. The Framework has gathered knowledge on financial and non-financial Early Warning Signals of business crisis, and shows the strength of intervening at an early stage to increase business resilience.

For up-to-date development of scientific research, we welcome inquiries by mail: j.f.alvarado.valenzuela@hva.nl. This way, we can exchange views and prepare businesses better for turbulent times.

This document is intended to advise trainers, business advisors working in vocational entrepreneurship education, enterprise support organisations, Chambers of Commerce, incubators, and colleagues from public, private and non-profit sectors.