Successful crisis management depends to a large extent on the openness of the people involved. Warning signals must be recognized and new challenges must be mastered again and again in all phases of the crisis. This requires a high degree of changeability and attention.

This course is specially designed for SME owner managers and Entrepreneurship Students, so that you can efficiently improve your understanding and knowledge of successful crisis management, not only to help your business survive a crisis but to thrive in the post crisis period.

It is a free course which you can access at a time that suits you, evenings, weekends or a little each day. Learning online offers you the time to fully absorb the information.

The course is modular and you can dip into and out of the modules as you choose. However, we recommend that you start by following the modules in the suggested 1 to 9 order. Each module comprises a main presentation of the topic and then a set of extra resources such as quizzes, learner’s workbook, and videos in the resources section. Finally, make sure and join our Mighty Network (Module 10)!

Module 2: Detecting crises at an early stage

Module 3: Predicting Financial Distress & Indicators of Crisis

Module 4: Risk Management and Root Cause Analysis

Module 5: Strategic Options in the Phases of Crisis

Module 6: Critical Area of Leadership in Crisis

Module 7: Learning from Crisis

Module 8: Crisis Resilience

Module 9: Business Continuity

Module 10: Join our Mighty Network